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Pearl Poetry is a small business based in Jersey, founded by Eve Bevan

Eve has many years working with pearls, completed a gemologist course and acquired a GIA diploma specialises in Pearls.

“I love creating quality, affordable jewellery that demonstrate my passion and love for pearls and also making someone feel good when wearing the finished product”.

Pearl Poetry stocks predominantly cultured freshwater pearls which are not cultivated in the waters around Jersey. 

We also stock some south sea pearls and some products which are made from mother of pearl.  

We do not stock artificial or imitation pearls. 


Those beautiful pearls that you own, are they Natural or Cultured? More importantly, how do you know?

The thing about pearls is they can hide their true identity from the untrained eye.

And a bigger problem is, that some vendors know this, and are being, how shall we say, somewhat creative with their sales descriptions.

Let me explain…

Having spent 15 years in the pearl industry, and being the recipient of a hard earned GIA Pearl Graduate Diploma, I’ve come to know, love, and more importantly, learn how to recognise and grade individual pearl.

Cultured Pearls
These are the pearls you will find in retail and online shops;

1) Freshwater - the most popular and affordable. For example a pair of qood quality, 7mm Freshwater Pearl earrings would cost around £30, compared to similar Sea Pearls which would cost in the region of £350.

2) Oyster Sea Pearls (Akoya)

3) South Sea Pearls (Larger and silvery white in colour)

4) Tahitian Sea Pearls

Natural Pearls
These are the rarest of all, and the chances of finding them for sale in a high street jewellers is very slim indeed.

Because real Natural Pearls are the most prized and expensive of all, the finest specimens most likely residing in museums or safe deposit boxes.

And here is where the lines can be blurred…

Cultured Pearls can be ‘Natural’ in colour, but they are NOT Natural Pearls.

And sadly for the unsuspecting buyer, those not-so-reputable shop owners can bend the truth in their presentation and marketing of Cultured Pearls.

For example you may see pearls in shop windows described as ‘Natural’, when in fact they mean Natural ‘Colour’ - that one small missing word makes a huge difference.

Along with myself, many of my fellow qualified GIA Pearl Graduates, are becoming increasingly worried when we see high street and online retailers describing their jewellery as that of Natural Pearl.

They aren’t necessarily inflating their prices to that of the real thing, but they are duping customers into thinking that they’re buying something they’re not.

Cultured Pearls can be equally as beautiful as Natural Pearls, so there really is no reason for these underhand tactics when our first and foremost responsibility is you, the customer.

The reputable figures in our industry are concerned that many owners of pearls think they possess something which they don’t.

And I, like many of my learned colleagues, are offering free valuations to owners of pearl jewellery. Because it’s only right that you know which cultured pearls you own, not only for peace of mind, but also for true insurance purposes.

I take this so seriously, that in order to ensure my products are the most genuine for my customers, I only deal with authorised suppliers.

We need to keep our industry at the highest level, and stamp out the villainous tactics of unscrupulous sellers.

So if you would like peace of mind, please get in touch to make an appointment, and I will gladly appraise your pearl jewellery free of charge.

At Pearl Poetry, we can also restore the beauty of your jewellery by restringing pearls and any other precious and semi precious gems using only fine silk thread.

Please contact me for more information and I'll be pleased to help.

Eve Bevan - GIA Pearl Graduate (Dip)


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